Wales (Welsh: Cymru) is a country located in the South-West of the United Kingdom and Great Britiain. Wales is a British nation and sits next to England. It's capital city is Cardiff (Caerdydd), commonly referenced throughout Stella. The entire Series is set in South Wales, in a fictional town named Pontyberry.

The Welsh national identity emerged among the Celtic Britons and Wales is condsidered one of the few Modern Celtic Societies. This strong Welsh identity is evident throughout the entire series of Stella.

At the dawn of the industrial revolution Wales was at the height of coal industry and steel industry, it is heavily implied in Stella that Pontyberry set in South Wales was also an old mining town.

Within Wales there are an estimated 56,000 Welsh speakers and the language is mostly spoken by those of West and North Wales but within Pontyberry there are many Welsh speakers, even someone who speaks 'Ancient Welsh'.