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Shelly Evans
Occupation Unknown
Born 1971
Residence Outside of Pontyberry
Father Mr. Evans
Mother Mrs. Evans
Sibling(s) None
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Duration Series 1
Played by Nicola Reynolds

Shelly Evans (b. 1971) is a minor character that appeared in Series 1. She is Stella's ex-friend, but the two never really liked each other. She looks down on Stella Morris.


Childhood Edit

Shelly Evans was born 1971 in Pontyberry and grew up with Stella Morris, Paula Kosh, Karl Morris and Rob Morgan. She attended the same school as them and frequently spread rumors about Stella, despite this her and Stella were somewhat friends but never really liked each other. Later on in life Shelly moved away from Pontyberry.

Series One Edit

Shelly only makes one small appearance in Series One at a school reunion. She rivals with Nadine Bevan, insults Stella, looks down on the others and winds Stella up by flirting with Rob Morgan.

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