Sean McGaskil
Occupation Painter and Decorator
Born 1980
Birthplace Barnsley, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
Residence Barnsley(Formerly), Pontyberry (Formerly)
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Sibling(s) Two unnamed Sisters
Spouse(s) Stella Morris (Ex-Fiance)
Children None
Duration Series 1 - Series 2
Played by Kenny Doughey

Sean McGaskil (b. 1980) was a recurring character of Stella . He was a new-comer to Pontyberry and soon began a romantic relationship with Stella Morris.


Series One Edit

In Series One, Sean McGaskil is introduced as a painter and decorator working for Mrs. Barkley a more wealthy resident of Pontyberry. Stella meets him as Mrs. Barkley was one of her clients in her ironing business. Sean is instantly attracted to Stella despite their age difference. He soon charms her despite Stella constantly doubting herself.

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Sean helps Stella out as a 'handy-man' around the house. He grows to become very of Stella and Stella finally accepts a date with him. The two become very close but Sean's protectiveness of Stella causes him to fight with Luke Morgan/Morris Stella's eldest son. He also accompanies Stella for the search for Dai Davies and increasingly becomes a bigger part of her life and of the show.

Sean becomes infatuated with Stella but their relationship takes a bump when Stella kisses Rob Morgan after Emma gives birth. Despite this, Stella and Sean get back together and all of Stella's children seem to like him. Ben also asks Sean to help him with girls and Sean happily tries to get Bethan's attention with Ben by using his infamous Harley motorbike.

Series Two Edit

Personality and traits Edit

Sean is a good-naturned, generous, gentle young man. He is a friendly man and isn't materialistic. He is able to look beyond physicality and age when it comes to romance, this is shown when he dates Stella Morris, a woman in her late forties with three children. Sean also seems to be a very hard-worker in his job as a painter and decorator. He is charming and kind to everybody he meets, especially to women.

Sean is an extremley loyal person, keeping a strong relationship with Stella and trying his best at their relationship despite the many snags and difficulties the two meet. He also seems to be a very caring person, taking interest in Stella's 'boring' life and in her children, trying to build good relationships with her friends and family. Especially with Ben. Sean is asked by Ben advice with girls, and Sean happily says yes, helping get Bethan's attention.

Sean is a very happy person enjoying life but with a honesty and humility rare for a his young age. Despite his usually calm and gentle nature, Sean's over-protective nature causes him to loose his temper and eventually get into a fight with Luke Morris/Morgan, also when he punches Rob Morgan after Rob kisses Stella.

Appearance Edit

Sean is a handsome young man, with dark hair. He usually wears a leather motorcycle jacket.

Relationships Edit

Behind the laughsEdit

  • Sean is portrayed by English actor Kenny Doughty in Series One and Series Two.
  • Sean is referenced in Series 4 when Aunty Brenda remarks she thought Michael was "Her Sean, back, on that motorbike!" after Michael buys a motorbike similar to Sean's.

Gallery of Sean McGaskilEdit

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