Rhian Evans
Occupation Unknown
Residence Pontyberry
Children Several Unnamed Children
Duration Series 1 onwards
Played by Maxine Evans

Biography Edit

Childhood Edit

Very little is known about Rhian Evans' childhood. Rhian was presumably born in Pontyberry, 1971, to a Mr and Mrs Evans. She is mentioned to have grown up in Pontyberry and went to the same school as Stella Morris and Rob Morgan. Rhian is said to always have had a rough upbringing and turned to crime even at a younger age. Rob Morgan once mentioned to his son that she was the first girl in his and Stella's year to have been caught shoplifting. Rhian Evans, had a boyfriend; Trevor Macky who she thought very highly of as he could spit onto the bus shelter roof and owned a car.

Series One Edit

Rhian Evans makes multiple appearances throughout Series One. She is commonly seen throughout Pontyberry with her multiple grandchildren and her dog in a pram. Rhian is presented as well-meaning yet brash and incredibly scruffy. Rhian is seen attending the school reunion dressed in a very provocative outfit as Madonna and flirting with her former boyfriend beckoning him on during an arm wrestle with Karl Morris. Shelly Evans is later seen whispering in her ear about Stella.

Series Two Edit

After Stella finds out that she's possibly having another child, Rhian Evans congratulates her. Rhian is also seen at the salon when Stella's having a new hair do. There she is seen picking nits out of her daughter's hair whilst somebody else picks nits out of her own. Rhian attends the school reunion with Stella Morris and Paula Kosh. She dresses up as Madonna wearing her iconic cone bra. She flirts with her former boyfriend, beckoning him as he arm-wrestles with Karl Morris. Rhian later sleeps with Alan when they're both drunk much to his dismay.

Series Three Edit

Rhian makes multiple appearances around Pontyberry. She is seen with her grandchildren and the same staff dog in the pram. Rhian is shown to be something of a friend to Stella yet Stella still keeps at bay around Rhian because of her pungent odour and scruffy, lazy personality.