Pontyberry is a fictional Welsh town that the Stella series is set. It is thought Pontyberry is in between Port Talbot and Abertawe. 

Vital statistics
Type Valley town
Level Working Class
Location South Wales, Wales, United Kingdom, Europe
Inhabitants Morris Family, Kosh Family, Simpson Family, Williams Family

Parts of PontyberryEdit

There are many parts of Pontyberry;

-Big Rae's Boxing Ring

-Simpson's Funeral Directors

-The Frisky Fox

-Pen-y-Gorlan Street

-St Joseph's Church

-Jensons's Hairdressers

-Chodaury corner shop

-St Joseph's school

-Bryn Hill

-Town Hall

-Dai Davies International Car Sales

-Tantastic Bodies

-Fingers and Thumbs Nursery

-St Catherine's Hospital

-Pontyberry Rugby Club

-The Bap Factory

-The Bap Factory bedsit

-Ivan Schloss Funeral Directors (Series 5)

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Behind the laughsEdit

Pontyberry is mostly filmed in the Rhonda valleys, Port Talbot and Ferndale in South Wales.