Stella paula 2
Paula Kosh
Occupation Funeral Director (Formerly)
Born 1971
Residence New Zealand (Currently), Pontyberry (Formerly)
Father Daddy Simpson
Mother Mammy Simpson
Spouse(s) Dai Kosh (Separated)
Duration 1, 2, 4, 5
Played by Elizabeth Berrington

Paula Kosh (nee Simpson) is the daughter of Daddy Huw Simpson and Mammy Simpson. She is also the wife of Dai Kosh and the best friend and sister-in-law of Stella Morris.

Childhood Edit

Paula Kosh was born in 1971 as Paula Simpson to Daddy Simpson and Mammy Simpson, not much is known about her childhood except for a few small details. She has always been close friends with Stella Morris and she has always lived in Pontyberry and was raised by Daddy Simpson and Mammy Simpson . She grew up with no siblings but considers Stella Morris as close as a sister and grew up in her family funeral firm.It is also said that even at a young age her future husband had a crush on her. Some time later in her youth her mother died and she began a romantic relationship with Stella's brother Dai Kosh.

Series One Edit

In Series One, Paula is presented as Stella's best friend since school, and as a functioning alcoholic undertaker. She runs Simpsons Funeral Services with her father who is simply known as 'Daddy' and her assistant and close friend Bobby. Paula is married to Stella's brother and has a taste for adventure in their lovemaking. Paula and Dai's long happy marriage hits a snag when Dai is accused for fraud and Dai breaks down leaving Paula.

Originally unstressed Paula thinks nothing of it but after a while she, Stella, Sean and Luke track him down after Paula gets drunk and they find Dai Kosh. After seeing her nephew in his school play her hearse is stolen. Later running out of work, Paula is over-joyed to get work doing 'Dick the Kicks' Funeral. But falls into distress when it isn't paid for.

Series Two Edit

Series Three Edit

Paula is absent from Series Three after moving to Tenerife with her husband Dai Kosh.

Christmas Special (2014) Edit

Paula is absent from the Christmas Special after moving to Tenerife with her husband Dai Kosh.

Series Four Edit

Paula is absent from Series Four after moving to Tenerife with her husband Dai Kosh, but it is rumored she is returning in Episode Seven.

Personality and traits Edit

Appearance Edit

Paula is a tall, thin woman with shoulder length red hair.

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