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Nadine Bevan
Occupation Owner of 'Tantastic Bodies', Dog groomer, Gym Constructor
Born 3rd March 1976
Residence 24 Pen-y-Gorlan Street
Father Mr. Bevan
Mother Mrs. Bevan
Sibling(s) Unnamed Sister
Spouse(s) Karl Morris (?-Present Day)
Children Unborn child
Duration Series 1 onwards
Played by Karen Paullada

Nadine Patricia Bevan (b. 3rd March 1976) is a recurring character of Stella . She is the partner of Stella Morris' ex-husband Karl Morris.


Childhood Edit

Nadine Bevan was born 3rd March 1976. Not much is known about her childhood, although she grew up in Pontyberry with one unnamed sister to Mr and Mrs. Bevan. Nadine is notably younger than Karl Morris and Stella Morris so she most probably didn't grow up with them in the same school.

Series One Edit

In Series One, Nadine is introduced as the loud, offensive and stylish new partner of Karl Morris Stella's ex-husband. Nadine and Stella don't get on and Nadine constantly nags the local school Headmaster for a job as a Teacher assistant. She has a small part in the first Series.

Appearance Edit

Nadine is a small, petite young woman with blonde hair and well-tanned skin. She is the opposite of Stella Morris, taking great pride in her appearance and constantly trying to stay fit.

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Behind the laughsEdit

  • Nadine is portrayed by Welsh actress Karen Paullada in Series One, Series Two, Series Three and Series Four, as well as the Christmas Specials.
  • Nadine gets pregnant at the end of Series Four.

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