Michael Matthew Jackson moves to the valleys and the house next door to Stella after an acrimonious divorce has caused him to have to downsize his lifestyle. As he tries to adjust to valley life he soon becomes inextricably linked to Stella's household.

Michael Jackson
Occupation Solicitor
Born 22nd September 1972
Residence 24 Pen-y-Gorlan Street
Father Keith Jackson
Mother Anna Jackson
Spouse(s) Stella Morris (as of 2016), Janet Jackson (Ex-wife)
Children Katie Jackson
Jackson Michael Jackson
Duration Series 3 onwards
Played by Patrick Baladi


Series One Edit

Michael is not present during Series One.

Series Two Edit

Michael is not present during Series Two.

Series Three Edit

Michael is introduced as a hard-headed lawyer going through a tough divorce with his wife Janet Jackson. First seen driving down a lane, he holds up Stella Morris and the two clash over a driving space. His problems get worse when he clashes with Janet and her new partner at the lawyer firm in which they all work. Things get even worse when Janet attempts to separate him from his daughter Katie and even worse when he learns his neighbor is in fact Stella Morris. Despite, getting off on the wrong foot, the two get closer and they finally get together and their relationship strengthens. The two realize they are a very good match indeed.

Despite their initial strong relationship they are tested when Katie gets drunk and falls off a high wall nearly killing her. Michael starts to look at his ex-wife and sees a new chance with her and Katie to starts a better and happy family. Thankfully, half way to their 'new' home in England Michael sees the error of his ways.

Christmas Special (2014) Edit

During the Christmas special, we learn that Micheal's mother is from Syria and that Michael speaks fluent Arabic. His mother has lived in the West Midlands region of England since the 1960's and she and Michael's father live in Wolverhampton. Michael leaves Pontyberry to help his mother care for his father after an accident. He struggles to keep a long term relationship with Stella and gets embarrassed when his mother catches he and Stella performing inappropriate acts over the computer.

Series Four Edit

Michael goes through a mid-life crisis and begins an affair with the flirty and provocative barmaid known as Beyoncé. His and Stella's relationship is stressed when Stella finds some inappropriate photos on his phone and embarrassing texts.

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Michael is a tall, stocky dark-haired man.

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