Stella meg
Meg Kosh
Born 1944
Residence Tenerife
Spouse(s) Ken Kosh (1965)
Children Stella Morris
Dai Kosh
Duration Series 1
Played by Maggie Steed

Meg Kosh is the mother of Stella Morris and Dai Kosh, she is also the wife of Ken Kosh.


Younger yearsEdit

It was said that in their younger years when Meg was pregnant with Dai Kosh, she ran away with the milkman but returned soon after, something her husband holds against her.

Series OneEdit

In series one Meg is portrayed as a kind, but extremely protective traditional welsh grandmother. Meg is kind and loving and comforts all of her family during their troubles especially Stella, Emma and Paula when they have problems. Meg is a very bossy woman almost over-bearing over her husband of many years but the two have a strong and healthy relationship. Meg is obviously very protective of her daughter and somewhat bitter over Rob Morgan impregnating Stella and abandoning her. Despite Meg seemingly knowing-it-all, she does a few eccentric or odd things her husband points out.

Meg is a very good cook which is shown when she makes a gigantic pie for the community, it is also revealed that she sent back the letters from Rob Morgan. Meg is also very proud of her family and very protective of everyone. Meg also comforts her granddaughter Emma when she is pregnant, and helps her grandson write out the family tree.

She attended the funeral of the welsh legend Dick the Kick with the rest of Pontyberry. When Rob Morgan returns to Pontyberry, Meg stands up for her family and reveals she was the one who sent Rob's letters back over 28 years. She is last seen with her husband at the finale of Series One, celebrating Luke's departure to Canada with his father.

Series TwoEdit

It is said she and her husband moved to Tenerife and swapped houses with her sister-in law Brenda, since that she hasn't been mentioned nor has she appeared again.