Alan 'Little Alan' Williams is the only son of Big Alan Williams and Melissa, he is Ben Morris' best friend and a close friend of the Morris family. He is portrayed by Welsh actor, Dan Gammond.

Stella little alan 3
Little Alan Williams
Occupation Student/Chef
Born April 1998
Residence 31 Plassey Street
Father Big Alan Williams
Mother Melissa Williams
Duration Series 1 onwards
Played by Dan Gammond


Little Alan was born in 1999 to Big Alan Williams and Melissa Williams. He apparently had a strained relationship with his mother even in his childhood.

Series OneEdit

In the beginning Little Alan is shown as Ben's best friend and Big Alan's son. The two Alans are very alike. He is in the school play and dreads every moment he and his father share with Nancy Crook. He spends much time with his friend Ben and consults him wearing a Darth Vader over Rob Morgan's letters. He later desperatly searches for his father when he went missing for a few hours up in the Welsh valleys.

Series TwoEdit

Little Alan continues to be friends with Ben and struggles to fight against his cruel mother. He blantently expresses great hate for his mothers boyfriend Keith. Little Alan wants to stay with his father but his strict mother tries to gain custody of Little Alan by blaming Little Alan's weight. Little Alan shows how much he loves his father and hates his mother, her boyfriend and their dog. It is also revealed Little Alan enjoys to dress up in weird costumes.

Series ThreeEdit

It seems because of Ben's foolish and rebellious behaviour he has a new set of yobish friends leaving Little Alan behind. Also as Ben develops a new friendship with Katie Jackson he and Little Alan fall out, Little Alan seems to be very jealous of Katie. Little Alan soon shows his interests in cooking and builds aspirations to be a chef. As of his father's new girlfriend, Celia, Little Alan gains a new mother.

Behind the laughsEdit

  • Little Alan dislikes most of his father's girlfriends but it is shown that he considers Celia a mother to him.