Stella ken
Ken Kosh
Residence Tenerife
Sibling(s) Aunty Brenda
Spouse(s) Meg Kosh (1965)
Children Stella Morris
Dai Kosh
Duration Series 1
Played by Michael Elwyn

Ken Kosh is the father of Stella Morris and Dai Kosh. He is the husband to Meg Kosh and the only brother of Brenda Kosh. Ken is also the grandfather to Luke Morris, Emma Morris and Ben Morris.


Early lifeEdit

Not much is known of Ken's early life only that he was born and bred in Pontyberry and married his wife in 1965. He and his wife had two children Stella Morris and Dai Kosh. He also said his wife almost ran off with a milkman before they were married.

Series OneEdit

In Series One, Ken is portrayed as a kind and a happy grandfather. He has a strong relationship with all of his family and is a good father to his children. He comforts Stella and helps Ben with his family tree homework, unwittingly telling Ben of Rob Morgan and thus inadvertently causes Rob Morgan's return. Ken is overjoyed to learn he is going to be a great grandfather, and supports his granddaughter, Emma.  

Series TwoEdit

It is known he and his wife moved to Tenerife, but nothing has been heard since.

Behind the laughsEdit

  • Ken is portrayed by Michael Elwyn.